woensdag 23 februari 2011

Daily Food Routine

It seems quite some people actually are reading my blog, which is awesome so thank you for that!

Today I would like to get into eating and drinking habbits most of the friends I know have. Mind you that everything in here I give as advice is based on personal experience, I did not research it but to me it seemed quite logical.

For the last couple of years my daily routine was (skipping college ofc.) get up, turn on pc, notice you don't have any food laying around, go to the 24/7 store, buy crap that's not that healthy. So I would go to the nightstore everyday and my average receipt would have looked something like this:

- Big bottle of Coca Cola
- Big can of Red-Bull/random energy drink
- 2 snickers/marses whatever

I used to live on this a few days in the week. The days that I felt really bad I just ordered a pizza  at Domino's filling up that energy slots my body was craving for. I also took a bunch of vitamin pills a day. Thinking back to it actually makes me feel quite miserable now.

You might have guessed that this is really bad for your body, and I also found out it made me feel quite depressed at times. After a while I moved to this new student dorm with 12 people in it, and a quite social atmosphere. I had to adapt for quite some time, but somehow I managed to get a deal with a roomie, and it ended up that she would cook for me alot.

After a week or so eating healthy, I noticed I had alot more energy to go about, felt happier and actually looked better too (not as pale as I used to). What I'm trying to get to is that food really reflects on the way you feel. You eat good, you feel good. You eat crap, you feel crap.

I know there are quite some gamers out there that treat their bodies like a second-hand sweater. My advice to you is: don't! It's no problem eating fast-food, doing drugs and drinking yourselves to hell now and then, but try to get some real vitamins in there aswell. Try to fit it in your daily routine. I know it sounds like a hassle to cook, but I can assure you, you can be done in 10 minutes if you want. In the end, you're only helping yourself.

dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Gamers and society

Some people call me a lazy bastard, other call me an addict, some call me weird and its basically all negative. People do not really understand that it's quite hard to dedicate so much of your time owning noobs. It's not easy trying to be the best in something that is totally underrated in real-life. People don't give Lionel Messi a weird face when hes playing football 24/7, he's just doing what he loves. As do I.

So you might have figured out that I am bit awkward. At least that is your assumption. I don't think it's me. Altough I have some problems hooking up with girls, I just keep trying and trying. Whatever. The problem is that we are looked upon as some sort of social distorted people that cannot interact with other human beings. While it is true that most autistic people navigate towards gaming/internet, thus confirming our stereotype, there are also alot of other normal people that just enjoy gaming.

I just needed to get this off my chest, and if anyone reads it, fine. If noone does, fine.